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for your insecurities (because we all have them)

nobody likes being insecure. it makes you feel unsafe, vulnerable, less than, and sad.

let's face it... everyone goes through things that make them feel like this, even if it doesn't seem like it on the outside. i hate to say this, but it makes me feel better knowing i'm not the only one who feels not pretty, thin, or smart enough.

my struggle? it's knowing that in my mind, some of the things i'm telling myself aren't even true, but i still believe them. it's like my thoughts can be irrational but i can't help the negative thoughts from coming in.

you know what i think? are you listening, insecurities?! i'm not allowing you to defeat me anymore. you no longer have the power to control my life. you can't tell me how to live my life. but "you're thighs are way to big to wear those jeans" and "you're not as pretty as her".


i can and will wear those jeans! and i'm pretty in my own, unique ways! i'm done comparing myself to the size 0 influencer. that's not me, and that's okay. i think we all have our own ways with coping with what we think are our "flaws". and honestly, the thing that's worked best for me is just owning it!!!

my hair has been my greatest insecurity for as long as i can remember. years ago, my hair started thinning and i was losing clumps in the shower. i would wear hats, headbands and even wigs to try and cover the bald spots. it took me time to be able to talk about it openly and not be afraid to own up to what i struggle with.

i told myself everyday that i can rock whatever hair (or no hair lol). and i am worthy of happiness, love, and peace.

i wanted to share some of the simple coping mechanisms that help me when i feel insecure:

  1. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU FEEL! ask yourself why you have feelings of insecurity in the first place. is it something that can logically be cured? or is it something out of your control? determining where these feelings come from help you to realize these feelings have a valid foundation and you're not silly for being insecure.

  2. CHALLENGE THE WAY YOU THINK! don't allow yourself to believe the negative. i started, slowly but surely, training my mind to think about the good, beautiful, and true instead of the lies. we shouldn't bully ourselves. God created each and everyone of us perfectly in His image and for a purpose, don't take that lightly!

  3. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! start researching solutions. be an advocate for yourself. take control! don't let your insecurities stop you from living life. for example, my insecurity was and is my hair. i did research on the best hair loss and hair restoration places and found one in Indy that i'm absolutely in love with (i'll share more about this in a later blog post hehe)!!

so this is me, telling whoever is reading this, that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH. The Lord made you perfectly in His image.

"you have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. try approving of yourself and see what happens."

-Louise Hay

learning to love myself with you,



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