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for the ones wanting to live a "clean" life

let's talk health! i've never been someone who is into "clean living". if i'm being honest, i was definitely a hater of all things natural. never did i believe that using non-toxic products would actually make a difference, nor did i want to. i eventually tried some different "natural" products and they were okay, but none of them really stood out to me.

now a days, everyone is on the bandwagon of wanting to eat healthy, consuming good-for-you foods, choosing to become thinner, and wanting to look better. i try to be better at eating natural, earth grown foods, but we all know how that ends a week later. i've always wished i could stick to it.

story time...

6 months ago, i was complaining about how bloated i feel and how I'm always constipated (gross i know but c'mon people, this is real life). my boyfriend's mom gave me some detox supplements and said, "give it a day or 2 and you'll be cleaned out if you know what i mean". and DANG, was she RIGHT! i went back and asked where she got these miracle supplements because i had to buy 100 right now... they worked so well. she told me they were created by a woman named Jaime Cross. Jaime is the founder of MIG Living, a skincare and beauty company that is dedicated to offering clean, proven personal care and nutrition products.

she then began to tell me about Jaime's story...

MIG was actually started by God. yes, you heard me correctly. by God!!

one night, after struggling financially for years, Jaime prayed that God would give her a billion dollar idea.

she had a vision in a dream where there were oils and earthly substances being mixed together. the following Sunday while attending church, the pastor looked out into the crowed and said, "i have never experienced something like this before, but God is sharing with me that there is somebody in the audience He is going to give a billion dollar idea. i don't understand what this means, but if you are this person i hope you will know." long story short, Jaime pursued this vision with blueprints God provided from her dream. Jaime saw "MIG" in this dream, which stands for Mighty In Good and is used as the modeling name for the vision. the Lord told her that with this billion dollar idea, she would change the lives of millions of people all while drawing people closer to Him with this community.

as Luke's mom kept telling me more, i became more intrigued. finally, something i can get behind!!! i took my time learning about, and using MIG's products to see if it was really all people say it's cracked up to be. results WERE happening with the products she let me try!

the detox supplements changed my gut health. the Arise clean energy/hunger control powder helped me to feel alive in the morning and eliminated my boredom snacking (hehe). the charcoal soap cleared up my skin and left my body feeling moisturized. i was BLOWN away! my spirit knew i had to be a part of this amazing movement. i was called to tell people about this.

MIG is not only beauty from the outside, in, but also the inside, out. there is more into play then feeling good because you look good. it's time to feel good AND look good! i'm using all-natural products healthy for my skin and body. although our inside organs are super important to maintaining good health, the skin is actually our biggest organ and defense system, so why not take care of it?!

the thing i love most about MIG is their culture is second to none. it's uplifting! knowledge based. results driven. the body is deigned in a way that's natural and God made. these natural products are created in nature and with meaning, so when you bring the 2 together, amazing things happen.

i was able to meet and pray with Jaime, the founder, at an event and it was inspiring. she isn't in this business to make money, she is in it because it's her calling! Jaime not only makes and prays over the products herself, but she is involved with ambassadors, giving us the tools, knowledge, and resources to become successful!

so, why MIG? did you know our skin absorbs over 500 toxic chemicals a day?! those toxins come from our makeup, lotion, facial cleanser and so much more. these chemicals can cause harmful changed to women's menstrual cycles, fertility, hormone levels, your overall well-being, and that's just to name a few negative side effects.

STOP what you're doing for a minute and go check your skincare (lotion, soap, toner, face wash, ext.). if water is the first ingredient, in any of your products, they aren't actually clean. that's because water attracts water and will actually draw moisture from your skin.

the thing that is different about MIG's soap and beauty products is they are carefully infused with fresh herbs, wild botanicals (you can SEE and SMELL them), and above spa-grade essential oils. did you know that each cleansing bar takes two months to cure? good things take time! :)

i used to spend $60 plus dollars on clinical skincare that worked but was full of toxins to eliminate acne and blemishes. now, i spend $30 on MIG's cleansing bar that full of natural oils/botanicals and it rids my skin of all impurities.

think about driving through smog. it's dark, cloudy, and grey which makes it hard to see the direction in which you're going. that's exactly what clinical or drug store products are doing to our skin; clogging them, covering up the bigger issue, and putting chemicals into our blood stream.

i know what you're thinking, this is so overwhelming.

let me put your mind at ease.

i work 11 hour days during the week, which feels like it consumes a lot of my time and energy. on top of still having a social life, i thought it would be too much. but ever since becoming a MIG Ambassador, i feel more alive and full of passion than ever! i'm making money by telling my story and sharing products with people that have truly worked for me. they haven't only changed my skin, but my focus, gut health, and spirit.

do you want to unlock your body's best feeling? do you want to awaken your soul? join me in this incredible movement! let's stop saying we wish we could, and let's start doing.

all my love,



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